Special Needs Estate Planning

Special Needs Estate Planning

One of the challenges a family with a special needs child or adult must grapple with is who will care for them once their parents are gone. In some instances, a sibling may be willing to do so but there are still some issues which must be dealt with.

Complete Estate Planning

When you have a loved one with special needs, one of the concerns with estate planning is the longevity of their benefits. While you want to do everything you can to ensure they are cared for, you also do not want to risk their public benefits. However, there is no guarantee these benefits will continue so you need to make allowances for what could happen should they cease.

We will help you prepare a plan that will let you feel confident your loved one will be cared for long after you are gone. We can help you structure a long-term money management plan, deal with the appointment of a guardian, and prepare other needed documents such as HIPPA disclosures.

Lifetime Guardianships

Your loved one needs ongoing assistance, making it necessary to appoint a guardian. We will discuss your loved ones’ specific needs and help you prepare the proper documentation allowing the guardian to handle the finances, day-to-day care, and medical care of your loved one. We know what documents are required and can help ensure they are in good order for the courts.

Special Needs Trusts

Trusts are an important part of caring for your loved one. We can set up a trust that goes into effect immediately and addresses income from SSI and other government programs while preserving your loved ones’ access to Medicaid and other benefits. We understand the importance of having these issues addressed.

We will make sure we understand all the issues which must be addressed and create a customized solution that will work for you and your loved one. You need not leave these matters in the hands of strangers, preparing today can help ensure your loved one is cared for.

If your family has a loved one who is unable to manage their own finances, or otherwise able to care for themselves, you need to plan for their care after your death. Contact either our Overland Park, Kansas or Omaha, Nebraska office today for assistance preparing an estate plan.